Rigid Loop LED Bulbs For Cadillac Chrysler Dodge Jeep and More

Are you looking for a viable option to replace your old and not so efficient stock bulbs? Do you require highly efficient and powerful under door courtesy lights or foot area lights? If the answer is yes, then the rigid loop LED bulbs are the perfect option for you.

Recently, the automotive lighting industry has come up with a whole velcro products new range of rigid loop LED bulbs suitable for a wide range of American cars. These loop bulbs make use of the LED lighting technology and therefore they are extremely powerful and efficient. Today, these LED-based rigid bulbs are finding huge application all over the world, with prominent use as foot area lights and door courtesy lights.

Such 43mm festoon based LED rigid lights are quickly replacing the conventional stock illuminations of the range 211-2, 214-2, 212-2, 560, 570, 576, 578, 579. Apart from being used as foot area and door courtesy lights, they are finding extensive application as dome lights, step courtesy lights, map lights, trunk area lights, etc. Generally, the illuminations belonging to this category emits ultra blue or xenon white colored light.

The high lumen output renders these lights exceptional in performance. These bulbs are designed with utmost care, keeping in mind the outer appearance of the car. Generally, a single hook is provided at each of the ends of the bulb, thereby enabling easy installation. Most of these bulbs are 43mm long or 1.72″ in length. The rigid loop LED bulbs easily work on low voltage input of 12 volts and thus do not put too much strain on the engine of the car.

If you wish to invest in an accessory for your car, which can last lifelong, then this is certainly the perfect accessory to opt for. With an approximate lifespan of about 20,000 working hours, you just need to fix them up once and then forget about them completely.

Moreover, the installation of these bulbs is extremely easy and quick. You aren’t required to be a technical expert for installing these bulbs. By simply following the instruction manual that is provided with the product, you can install these lights and endow your car with a whole new look and appeal. Moreover, the amount of heat emitted by these lights is extremely less than similar bulbs of the league. Installing these bulbs in your car will not only make it more attractive, but also render it highly efficient.

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