How To Make Facebook Friendly Business Cards

A lot of people think that business cards are no longer important in this age where everybody is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But as a business and more importantly as a businessman would it be enough just to give your social network credentials when you meet a prospective client? What you should do is embrace the new trend and create social network friendly business cards.

Here are some tips in making your Facebook Friendly Business Cards.

1. Gather all the basic information such as your Name, Job Position, Home Address, Email Address, Phone Number and your Company Logo. You can create the business cards on your own computer, hire a graphic designer or even embrace the Internet by making it yourself online. There is a popular website that will just let you do that it’s called Moo, a company based in the United Kingdom but they ship orders worldwide.

2. To make it social network savvy, list down all your social network credentials like your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. You can add their icons that you can download over the Internet.

3. Now that you have all that friends filter information, you can even make your Facebook Friendly Business Cards look more tech savvy by adding a QR code. A QR code is a bar code that is readable by any mobile device that has a bar code reader application installed and some of these are already bundled with the new mobile devices such as Iphone or any Android enabled phones. You can easily create your own QR code by going to websites such as Kaywa or I-nigma. You only need to supply the URL of your favorite social network account and presto you now have your own QR code. You can also do a search on Google and find out more information on QR codes and the websites where you can create one.

4. You need to decide which of your social network do you think is the most popular and beneficial to market your brand or business. If you cannot choose one over the other if its Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn that is where the beauty of Moo comes in, they allow you to print double sided business cards which means you can create different sets of business cards with one set for your Facebook account, another set for your Twitter account and one for LinkedIn account.

5. Make sure that you proofread all the basic information on your business card and that the QR code that you have created links to your favorite social network like your Facebook account.

6. Also add a tag line below the QR code to remind people to scan the bar code with their mobile device.

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