How To Buy Junior Golf Clubs

In earlier years, a set of junior golf club was just a set of golf clubs passed down from your father or mother when they brought a new set. They would break them down to fit the height of the junior golfer. Although they worked great, today we now have the option of buying a brand new set of junior golf clubs that meet the height requirements of the golfer.

The price of these golf clubs is cheaper than the full sized golf clubs, but briansclub still have the same power behind them. Today, junior golf clubs are made by top manufacturers and are just as expensive as the top golfer’s clubs. You can now get the top of the line golf clubs that the pro’s use. If the junior golfer is serious about golfing and starting so young, you will want them to have a good set of clubs.

Shop For Height

Some things to remember when shopping for junior golf clubs are height. You want a club that fits the child’s height but will also allow for growth. You do not want to keep buying new clubs every year as you do clothes and shoes. If you buy clubs that allow for growth, you should be safe for a couple of years. If they appear to be to long, the young golfer may have to choke the club a little, but this is still acceptable. The following year, they should be back to a normal hold as they grow into the junior golf clubs.

When you see your young golfer struggling to hit the ball because the clubs are too small, it is time to buy your next set of . Now, because they do grow out of clubs so fast, you can always buy used golf clubs, sell them, and buy another set. Many tack houses on the golf courses have these used clubs for sale.

The Weight And The Shaft

When you cut a golf club down to fit a smaller person, you are getting into the thicker part of the club and this causes concern for a proper hold on the club. If you are serious about golfing the junior golf clubs are better suited for young and upcoming golfers.

The speed and accuracy of the ball all depends on the weight of the club. Junior golf clubs are made to fit not only the height of the golfer but also the weight is lighter then your average adult golf club. Keeping all these things in mind, should help you when finding the right golf clubs for the young golfer.

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