Crystal Chandeliers Lighting Historical Places

Chandeliers can be considered as one of the status symbols for elegance and money. During the ancient times, the types of materials and designs of which chandeliers are made are distinguishing marks that delineate the poor and the affluent. Over the years, it has been carried around to the modern times as chandeliers remain an extraordinary sight to an ordinary humble abode. Chandeliers can only be seen in places where money, power and elegance thrive but never in a humble shack.

Today, chandelier designs have matched the equally complicated and sophisticated lifestyle of the rich and famous. Great architectural masterpieces are adorned with equally awe-inspiring and stunning chandeliers designs adorned with crystals. Such crystal chandeliers which may date back hundreds of years ago are generally historically-linked and are associated with prominent personalities of the world.

The largest Bohemian crystal chandelier is lighting the center hall of the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul. The gigantic chandelier, believed to be a present from Queen Victoria, showcases about 750 crystal lamps and weighing approximately about 4.5 tons. Furthermore, the palace brags the largest collection of Bohemian and Baccarat crystal chandeliers including staircase banisters highly adorned which such crystals. The crystal staircase, made from crystals, brass and mahogany, is shaped like a double horseshoe that offer a dramatic descent to waiting guests below.

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria was not only home to many prominent and powerful Austrians that shaped the Austrian history but also houses 26 crystal chandeliers. The chandeliers located in the Ceremonial Hall of the Montoyer Wing witnessed some historical events such as the betrothal of Napoleon and Marie Louise, daughter of Emperor Franz II and the traditional and ceremonial invitational washing of the feet of 12 poor men and women on Maundy Thursday selected by Emperor Franz and Empress Elisabeth. We may never know but such lighting fixtures might have lighted and guided Napoleon’s and the Emperors’ mind in ruling their country. 바카라

The Stockholm City Hall in Sweden, the official venue for the Nobel Prize banquet displays one of the 1920’s contemporary rock crystal chandelier that did not did not only highlight the momentous event of the Nobel Prize winners but also added to the glam of the occasion where men and women who toiled and labored are given a time of their life to shine like the crystals hovering above them.

Indeed, crystal chandeliers do not only glamorize places but also events. Its presence since medieval times is an indication that crystal chandeliers have embedded their way into the culture of many countries all over the world and contributed to the already teeming richness in history.



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