Facebook Ads: The Keys to a Successful Campaign

It is a brave new world when it comes to online advertising. User attention span is getting shorter than ever before and web browsers are savvier than they have ever been. Trick advertising, pop ups, and other distraction based advertising no longer works the way it might have in years past. When it comes to developing Facebook ads, your marketing strategy needs to be more focused and savvy than ever before to catch the attention of users who are definitely not surfing the web to look for the best deals on the sidebar.

An important aspect of starting to implement  local classifieds  your Facebook ads is to come up with some specific goals you want your campaign to accomplish. This is common sense, yet still some people still don’t do it. How will you know if your advertising is having the desired effects if you aren’t even sure what those effects would be? It is something worth thinking about. Some people use advertising to bring people to their website. Others use it to generate links to a sales page and only count converted, monetary traffic as a success. Identify what you want to achieve from your campaign and you will not only be able to more accurately develop your campaign, you will have a definitive way in which to measure your results.

Remember that Facebook ads can reach a broad audience or a very specific one. Unless you are selling an item that is just as likely to appeal to an 83 year old grandmother as it is to a 15 year old video game enthusiast, you need to narrow that spectrum a bit. For this reason, tired templates for generic advertising don’t work as well as they should. This is where your creativity comes into play. Not only do you want to target your campaign in terms of when the ads will be seen, but in terms of their content.

Always remember that no one is surfing through Facebook for the purpose of being inundated with advertising. People see advertising as a necessary evil and as such, you do not have their undivided attention. So you have to get it. You do this by having not only a product that stands above the competition, but advertising that attracts attention. That doesn’t mean you need to develop something with bright, flashing colors (in fact, nothing will identify you as spam more quickly). It means having text and images that invite the user to click. Think about your target audience and find things they would be interested in. This type of thinking can be the cornerstone of your entire campaign.

Finally, remember that your Facebook ads don’t have to remain static, and nor should they. A successful campaign evolves with time. As you look over your data, you’ll see things that work and you’ll see things that don’t work. Don’t be afraid to do some tweaking. Even a successful campaign can be improved upon.